We make SAFETY

What is SAFETYmanager?

A complete Digital Health & Safety Management Software System

Do I need it?

If your business activities pose any safety risk to employees, customers, communities or stakeholders, the answer is "Yes". SAFETYmanager in not industry specific. Whether your business is oil and gas, mining, construction, transportation, manufacturing or something else, SAFETYmanager is the solution.

SAFETYmanager can track and send notifications with different priority levels pertaining to training, incidents and near misses, scheduled items such as tailgate meetings, legislative compliance, and asset and personnel geolocation. All data collected is automatically archived, data mineable, and can be combined with other accumulated metrics for the purpose of prequalification, auditing, and identification of leading indicators. All of this is in a package that is infinitely scalable and at a price point that is far from prohibitive.

Automation. Accountability. Compliance.


Application Platform

Multiple entry points into the platform (desktop, iOS, etc.)

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Manage your employees

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Digital Forms

Work efficiently with digitized forms

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Dashboards, Reports & Charts

Visualize data via customizable charts

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Electronic Monitoring

Interface with ip cameras on site

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People & Asset Tracking

Geospatially track people and assets

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Out of the box ability to tailor towards your business

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